Girl w/ Flowers Unveiled

Not yet a success story.
Tee Organic by John Patrick Jeans Rachel Comey (in indig0) Shoes Vans Inverted Tulip Earrings Waif

When I first started WLLWPROJECT (enunciated as ‘WILLOW PROJECT’) 4 years ago, I thought the name was such a clever idea as removing the vowels created a palindrome which we thought was pretty cool. Little did I know that I was going to have such a hard time explaining the name to people!

I was a latecomer and a complete newbie in the world of personal style blogging and I didn’t have a clear bearing of where I would like to take WLLWPROJECT to. There wasn’t a clear vision or goal at all. All I knew was that I wanted to have a creative outlet to showcase my style because fashion has been a big love of mine ever since I could even remember. Most things that we did were experimental and I was heavily reliant on the little time and resource that we have to make the blog pleasant to the eye as well as useful to my visitors. As my page views were hardly up-to-scratch (even after doing some of the sure-fire things that were suggested by experienced bloggers), I was feeling quite frustrated and helpless and had questioned myself time after time about my intentions. I also struggled with the meaning of fashion in the scheme of life. Outwardly I told myself that I would persist even if nobody reads and appreciates my blogging efforts but inwardly, I was praying and hoping that people would approve of what I was doing and that the blog would take off miraculously.

I was so fixated on the numbers and that perceived success that I stopped enjoying the blog.

I allowed myself to go down the rabbit hole of comparison and had even put some of my self-worth on those page counts that I received. The popularity contest (that I imposed upon myself) hasn’t been that real and I was highly aware of how ‘unsuccessful’ I was in the numbers department. Honestly, I would have loved to offer you that feel-good version of a blogging success story like ‘I started in my bedroom one random night just for my friends and family but people started taking notice and one thing led to another…’ but I couldn’t. That just isn’t how this blog is rolling.

Something must have clicked as the year switched over to 2017. Although I’m highly aware that the ‘new year new beginning’ thing is manmade, I was more than happy to reset my mental compass and breathe new life into the blog.

I’m truly ready for another year of challenge, even if I’m now a preggersaurus and would supposedly get more and more tired in the future months lol!

I have a clearer idea of how I would like the blog to look like (think mama-to-be fashion and lots of family-related lifestyle posts) and more importantly (if you haven’t already notised), WLLWPROJECT has received her 2nd face lift (hoorah!) and has upgraded to a real lady called Girl with Flowers. I’m not going to lie, the whole process has been painstaking, especially when it involved the contribution of Mr M who doesn’t want anything but the best for me. I’m so fortunate to have a partner-in-crime who has sacrificed so much for my interest when he could be pursuing his own passion. Mr M is such an integral part of the blog and I wouldn’t and couldn’t have it other way.

Girl with Flowers is a journey. We have yet to arrive at our desired destination but we will push on.

By the end of the day, even if things don’t pan out beautifully, at least we could say that we tried!



  1. Congrats! Love the light, airy photos. All the best for the new blogging phase 🙂 May it grow from strength to strength

  2. You are such a delightful person Mun and this really shines through in your blogs. I look forward with excitement to your growth, physically (baby bump yay) and ‘bloggingly’ (made up word lol) speaking. The best is ahead of you. Press on girl with flowers.

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