Give Me a Green Thumb!

I’ve become a little obsessed about planting herbs.
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The days are getting longer and the weather’s getting warmer. I can’t believe that spring is here once again but frankly I’m excited to be wearing lighter fabrics. I’ve pretty much exhausted the stuff that I’m excited to wear in colder months and it’s time to change things up a little bit.

I put together this casual outfit of over-worn white tee and culottes (I could see a couple stains that might not come off eek!) to Mr Wong last Sunday with the girls. Nothing here is new but I took comfort in their longevity and the frequency that I had reached out for them. I’m determined to make more use of my rose gold flats although they cut into the back of my ankles (annoyingly so). Perhaps rubbing a bit of candle wax on the problem areas would help. I shall report back on that.

Ah another reason why I’m super happy about spring? I’ve become a little obsessed about planting herbs. My previous gardening endeavours had suggested that I have a rather black thumb but I’m going to change that! I’ve been trekking back and forth to Bunnings to get my supplies and so far those green kiddies are looking quite healthy and luscious. While I love the look of terracotta pots, I’m also excited about purchasing a few handmade ceramic ones because let’s face it, handmade potteries are swoon-worthy. For now, I just need to build up my “green portfolio” before I deem myself worthy of such splurges.

What are you most excited about the change of season, wherever you are. Let me know!


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