Give Me Some Vertical Stripes

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If you’ve followed this blog long enough, you would probably realise that I do like my stripes (see herehere and here). The funny thing is that I was so accustomed and faithful to the idea of horizontal stripes that I had never ever considered the possibility of vertical stripes on me… not until I saw Sandra Hagelstam of 5 inch and up looking super awesome with a vertical striped blazer draped around her shoulders. I was so smitten that I did what 90% of women would probably have done. I consulted asos for instant gratification but instead of finding a similar blazer to hers, I chanced upon this double collared shirt that looked uber cute on the model. I proceeded to convince myself that I ”needed” it and the rest was obviously history! The stripes of this shirt are blue and white, not black and white as I originally expected and that was a slight let down for me although the quality’s rather decent. On the other hand, the dark blue colour does add a touch of freshness to the default black and white palette and pairs well with a variety of colours so there really isn’t a need to complain I guess. I’m looking forward to play with this a little more before the weather gets too cold! By then I may use this as one of my layering pieces because I really like the idea of wearing summer pieces during colder months to justify my spending!

Back to the blazer, does anyone have any suggestions on where I could find a similar one to Sandra’s that’s reasonably priced and of good quality? (Am I asking too much here!)

Have a nice Monday people!


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