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After Mr M popped the question last year, I didn’t look into wedding dresses straight away. I remember feeling rather stressed out about the idea of planning a wedding and truthfully that white dress just didn’t seem that important, initially. I did however maintain a couple of boards on Pinterest to dog-ear pretty photos and ideas that might be useful in the later stages.

Come early 2014, after finalising a few major decisions about the wedding, I finally had time to delve into the world of whites, unfamiliar fabrics and princess-y silhouettes. I was glad that I finally had time to take some real action. I started pinning furiously but that in itself had created another problem. It became quite apparent that many of my ‘favourites’ were not available in Sydney.

I was crazy enough to contemplate ordering online just because it felt so much easier (and hey, I’m an advocate of online shopping!) and cheaper. I did my research and there were certainly mixed reviews on purchasing a gown solely based on size measurements. Like a lot of people out there, I took on the positive stance and convinced myself that I would be the lucky one if I were to take the risk. Wishful thinking I say.

Thankfully something stirred within me and I decided to give myself the pleasure of legitimately trying on tonnes of gowns without guilt! (refer to this guide for tips on gown shopping) That was honestly one decision that I never regretted. The world of wedding gowns is such an eye opener simply because everything from the brands to materials to construction and expectations are nothing ‘everyday’. Besides, those times were the only times that I got to day dream in luxurious and incredibly luscious Reem Acra gowns. It would be quite silly not to take advantage of that!

I think I must have tried on a good 25-30 gowns before I felt pressed for a decision. There were certainly ‘near uh-huh‘ moments but they weren’t strong enough for me to take the leap. It was also at that time when I stumbled upon this post on Green Wedding Shoes. I felt strangely attracted to Marissa’s nude-pink gown, so much so that I contacted her bespoke designer/dressmaker Keera Denaan for a consultation. Let’s just say that the rest is history!

For those of you who are interested in bridal gown customisation, stay tuned. It’s one that’s filled with excitement, questions, doubts, anticipation and ultimately satisfaction so keep your eyes open for that!


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