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Happy Chinese New Year!
Top Everlane Skirt Gorman Sandals Ancient Greek Sandals Clutch Miseoul Earrings Waif

Firstly, Happy Chinese New Year!!! How has it been so far for you Chinese folks out there? I have to say that mine’s as enjoyable as can be in Australia, although I would have preferred to spend this wonderful period with my family in Malaysia, eating loads of junk food and not having to work. Being married to someone from a completely different background and living in a predominantly Western society have brought upon different perspectives to what it means to be Chinese. Instead of ‘looking to the West’, I would say that I’m increasingly proud of my Asian heritage and would like to preserve and pass it on to our future generation. There are so many Asian values that are worth following and I’m on a mission to share them with Mr M. He might not agree with all the traditions that I follow but I’m super fortunate to be with someone who understands enough (or at least tries to) to respect them.

Style Notes || MIX AND MATCH|| I’ve only worn this wonderful golden skirt a handful of times because I feel self-conscious in it. If I’m not in the right frame of mind, the skirt can feel a little daunting and perhaps too…gold. CNY however must have made me extra excited and bold as I felt confident enough to pull this whole mass of gold fabric off. I have also just received my Everlane linen muscle tee then (yes Everlane, in Australia woohoo!)* and it was really a matter of “why not?” since white tees go with everything. The top was thin enough to be tucked into the skirt without extra bulk around the waistband so #win.

||FOOTWEAR|| I’m sure you’re quite sick of my gladiator sandals by now but they’re truly my favourite at the moment. I wear them with (almost) everything.

||JEWELLERY|| I’m currently really loving the statement jewellery trend and this beautifully handcrafted pair by Waif is a favourite. They’re so easy to wear and the matte gold surface lends to their modern and edgy look.

Side Notes I’m so glad that I’ve picked up reading again since last year and I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed it. I’ve just finished reading Love x Style x Life by Garance Dore and I was surprised at how enjoyable it was. It’s just wonderful to have the ‘real thing’ in hand once in a while. I’ve been buying lots of kindle books because of instant download which means instant gratification (it’s true!). They are a lot cheaper as well and doesn’t clutter our place, which is a plus. I’m still hoping to revert back to physical books, one day.

My current bedtime read is The Husband’s Secret by Liarne Moriarty. I haven’t read enough to form a solid opinion on it but so far it’s looking pretty interesting! I’m certainly looking forward to dive into the pages again tonight, and just to relax in bed.

Are you currently on a reading kick as well? What are some of your favourite titles?


*Thanks to awesome voting power, Everlane now ships to Australia! Everyone raves about Everlane so it’s kinda nice to try it for myself.

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