Gut Feeling

I taught myself 3 lessons. Read on.
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Dress Topshop Skirt Topshop Laced Heels Nine West Fur Stole Zara Clutch Witchery Pearl Earrings Mama’s!

365 days isn’t a long time.

However it’s a long enough time to get the hang of being married and work out our individual roles in the new stage of life that we’re in.

Mr M and I are far from being that perfect couple by any means and there were definitely hair-pulling moments that we needed to deal with. Like any relationship, marriage has its ups and downs but I would not trade it for anything else, ever.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion, we decided to splurge! Mr M had arranged to take me out to one of Sydney’s hottest restaurants Sepia and I knew that dressing up was compulsory. I had this grand plan of being classy and buying a designer frock to surprise the husband (just because it felt like a good excuse to do so) but it fell through. I sent a Self-Portrait dress back because it was too tight and subsequently realised that I couldn’t bear to spend hundreds on something that I might only wear twice. Time was running out and I was feeling the stress (while on holiday in Malaysia) eek! I was mentally preparing myself to just pull off another mix-and-match trick with my old clothes but soon later encountered a potential pairing at Topshop. I really didn’t want to go down the high-street route for the special occasion but I knew in my heart that the pairing could work, PLUS I would most definitely get more wears out of those separate pieces.

I put them on and the rest is history.

AND I just taught myself 3 lessons:

#1. Be flexible. Sometimes a change of plan is required to avoid prolonged agony. Never get too hung up with the initial idea!

#2. Be versatile. Don’t overlook less obvious pairings such as pairing a dress with a skirt or layering skirts over pants.

#3. Be open I’m wearing a high-street outfit to an expensive occasion. It shouldn’t matter as long as it works! TBH I don’t think anyone cares except for me, myself and I.

I hope this post has also helped you make your next fancy outfit decision easier. As much as I support the idea of purchasing quality branded clothing, sometimes listening to the gut is required to yield the best outcome.


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