I’ve learnt the hard way and have accepted the fact that going to bed with greasy hair is not going to kill me.
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I’m not a hair person. The area that I paid the least attention to has got to be my locks. I would gladly splurge on skincare products and makeup but skim on my hair. I don’t know the latest trends. I don’t know how to style my hair differently for different occasions hence my love for hats! (1/2/3…) All I know is that I needed long layers to elongate my round face, although I’m getting more and more secure about that. Mr M tells me that I look pretty with my hair up, and that’s all that matters.

I used to wash my hair every single day and would feel grossed out if I haven’t. It’s a little phobia of mine, and one that’s also caused some damage to my fine hair. My hair dried out pretty severely, almost twig-like and tangled like crazy (even with the use of conditioner). I’ve learnt the hard way and have accepted the fact that going to bed with greasy hair is not going to kill me. There are ways to manage the grease!

I’m no hair aficionado but here are my top tips on regaining more human-like mane (with minimal effort):

#1. Being cheap doesn’t always work.

Invest in a good quality shampoo. I’m not talking about going all out but buy something that you’ll enjoy using and won’t strip all the oils off your scalp like most cheap shampoos do. I don’t know how I came across this product but I’m really loving the Aveda Shampure shampoo. It cleanses well but doesn’t leave my hair feeling ‘squeaky’. I’m still cheap on my conditioner because I slather them on like nobody’s business! I’m currently loving head & shoulders’ conditioner which smells so so good!. So far this combo has been working well.

#2. Avoid using volumising shampoo on dry hair.

This I learnt the hard way. My hair was dry, and the crown of my head was flat so I thought I needed a boost of volume. Although I did get a bit more volume, my got drier and drier the more I tried to volumise it! Tangle galore! and I had half a bottle of shampoo left argh! It was kinda embarrassing to show my hairstylist the good deeds that I had done to my hair. My advice is to make sure your hair is strong and healthy before attempting to manipulate it!

#3. Dry shampoo is a good friend

A few spritz of this makes a world of difference when I styled my hair in the morning. I’ve only ever used Klorane Dry Shampoo and it worked wonders in absorbing the shine and grease. In fact my hair felt a bit more volumised after using it too! #win

#4. Thoroughly dry out your hair before sleeping

Sleeping in even mildly damp hair hasn’t been pretty for me. The tangle that comes with it almost certainly guarantees yanking and pulling in the next few days, and lots of vacuuming to do.

#5. Chop off the dried out bits and start afresh!

The best way to treat your damaged locks is to have a chop! It certainly feels good to have those crunchy, splitty and discoloured bits gone!

Are you obsessed with washing your hair too? What are some of your favourite hair products to use?


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