Hand Knit Sox

Arne and Carlos, what can I say?
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                                                                Vanilla Socks 64 st Top Down Fish Lips Kiss Heel

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Vanilla Socks 64 st Top Down Eye of Partridge Heel

Arne and Carlos, what can I say? 2 design geniuses residing in the mountains in Norway, creating the most intricate and interesting self-patterned yarns I’ve ever seen. You know what the best thing is? They seem to live, eat and breathe their crafts (knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, bookbinding among many other things!) and I find their lifestyle so fascinating and dreamy. If you couldn’t yet imagine it, go and check out their Youtube channel here. It’s nice to see that these craft masters are getting their hands dirty making videos to share their patterns and knowledge with the world.

Their line of sock yarn with Regia is super popular among hand knitters and I’m one of the hundreds of thousands if not millions swooning over their magical Norwegian theme. They are very sturdy and well priced (I got mine from the very beautiful Woolarium) and I think I have enough leftover yarn to make a couple of pairs of kiddo socks. I have a relatively short attention span, thanks to a constant need to do multiple things at once but these socks had managed to hold my attention. The yarn itself isn’t buttery soft but they are definitely not too rough to handle. I would recommend this to people who want hardwearing socks and could not bother with doing real colour work. Arne and Carlos gave us an extremely easy way out.

I’m planning to take these couple of pairs with me to Iceland next month and I’m already feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Never would I imagine hand knitting my own socks but this is what it is and I’m really enjoying the process. So far Mr M hasn’t requested for a pair yet and honestly I wouldn’t rush out to make him anything like I did before unless he has a clear vision in mind. A year ago I tried to make him things that I thought he would like because I was so excited about knitting but I don’t think the end products were that well-received. He appreciated my efforts but he’s also proven a point that not everyone likes handmade things the way I or perhaps you do. Nowadays, I’m going to focus my energy on making thoughtfully instead of making for the sake of making. I’m happier this way.

Do you own any hand knit socks? If you do, who made them for you and what do you enjoy most about them?


    1. Haha, I know what you mean. Perhaps having a pair would motivate you to travel if you haven’t already been doing that 🙂

      Thanks! xx

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