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This day has finally arrived. WLLWPOPUP  (w?l?? pop-uhp) at long last come to fruition!

It’s been a year of concept drawing + redrawing, hair pulling, emotional struggles, fear and self doubt, all those lovely things that define growing pain but I made it, with much joy and gratefulness.

Fashion has been a fundamental part of my existence and a piece of me has always wanted to try my hands in fashion. However like most other practical dreamers, I decided to take the safe route stepping into university. A route where people would cheer upon and give their nod of approval. I found myself dealing with people’s health and ailments upon graduation and even proceeded to earn myself an MBA a few years later. All seemed fine and dandy but something was missing in my heart. That passion I had for fashion still lingered on and I was yearning to share it with the world.

I started wllwproject as a means to release the built up of creative energy within me. I was exposed more than ever to a myriad of fashion trends and hypes and I was loving it. However I also felt a sense of disconnect with those beautiful images. While my aesthetic preferences hasn’t changed, I felt that there could be more to fashion than an attractive or statement making exterior. I believe that fashion has the power to penetrate deep into our interior, change our perspectives and draw out the talents and good qualities within us. It could definitely be a lot more than mere superficiality.

As much as I love my (sometimes) cost effective high street brands, the things that would grab my attention the most were from less accessible independent brands. There’s just something so special about celebrating the stories, creativity, courage and hard work behind each creation. I consider it a tremendous blessing to be in alignment with someone’s vision and to play a part in making dreams come true!

These are the reasons that inspired WLLWPOPUP. I envision it to be place of wonderful discoveries, inspiration, and affirmation. A place where you would learn more about yourself and be the person that you’re made to be. After all, you are made special.

Let’s embark on the fashionable and meaningful journey together, shall we?

Outfit details: I’m wearing Aijek’s Learning to Fly Pintuck Silk Dress, a beautifully handcrafted dress with dreamy criss-cross detail at the back. To be honest, I haven’t seen anything quite like this before. I love the construction and handfeel of the dress. It’s incredibly soft and luxurious to touch and it’s such an easy piece to dress up or down in. The pictures above were taken on a lazy long weekend, hair unruly and shoes no where to be found. Nothing more was needed and I felt incredibly free and beautiful that day.


Photography| Mr M

*Stay tuned for designer introductions tomorrow*


  1. The print on this dress is incredibly adorable. And congratulations on following your heart and taking the courage to start your own thing! I remember when I told my parents I wanted to study fashion and I chose Parsons under the guise of studying interior design initially!


    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 That was a great disguise. I’m glad you did just that coz your works (and your DIYs) are awesome!

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