Holiday Packing

“Do I have anything new to wear?”
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I mentioned in the previous post that Mr M and I took the opportunity to go on a road trip to Bega during Christmas long weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Like many of you ladies out there, the first thing that came to mind was my wardrobe situation.

“Do I have anything new to wear?”

” Do I have anything trendy to wear?”

” Have I exhausted my budget this month?”

Are any of you ladies guilty of asking these questions as well?

Current state: I’m not sure what is with the “new clothes” mentality but I find myself wanting to wear new stuff whenever I go away. Perhaps it’s the same thing as having new year resolutions, I’m all for taking off the old and putting on the new in a different environment. It could just be a temporary escape for me, a bit like a role play while I let go off the everyday mundane things of life.

Trends: Trends come and go so quickly and I gotta admit that I’m just not able to catch up. I’m also not an early adopter as I don’t have easy access to fashion items that may instantly label me as being stylish in the eyes of the world. I sincerely hope that I could say something like “I don’t follow trends” but you and I both know that it’s not true. I love trends hence the white sneakersbucket bag, and now the off the shoulder top among all the other things. Following trends is not a negative thing by any means as long as we know how to adapt it and make it our own. Yes we could follow all the “how to’s” in the world but if we’re just mindlessly consuming what people tell us to do, all of a sudden things just become rather meaningless.

Budget: I’ve mentioned this budget thing many times in the past few months because I’m trying to keep things real. I find it so difficult sometimes to stick to it because there are just so many nice things out there grabbing my attention. For our trip away, I did unfortunately overspend (big time!) so I’m trying to recalibrate by holding back on shopping for a bit. I don’t believe that budgets are there to restrict living, but they certainly have a place in making life more comfortable in a long run. I don’t know how some fashionatas do it with their crazy collection of bags and shoes. A few words of reminder for myself: be content AND count my blessings!

I threw on this outfit for a night out at Zanzibar in Marimbula. I still have my reservations with regard to its volume and silhouette but the excess material had somehow injected an air of nonchalance to the look. I always admire people who aren’t afraid of bulk but turn around and make it work for them instead.

What’s your holiday packing strategy? Any ideas on ways to curb the new clothes syndrome?


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