Homestretch Revisited

I do miss the wonder of those kicks and movements that woke me up in the wee hours of the morning.
Dress Hansen and Gretel Sandals Ancient Greek Sandals (similar) Bag A.P.C. Necklace WWAKE Ring Mom’s 

I’m backtracking again! Please bear with me while I wrap up all my pregnancy-related posts (which seem like old news now). Honestly I haven’t missed the discomfort, limitations and all the bodily changes associated with being pregnant but I do miss the wonder of those kicks and movements that woke me up in the wee hours of the morning. I miss that anticipation and excitement of what is to be.

Mr M took me to the super amazing nel for my birthday in the very last leg of my pregnancy. As I was huge, swollen and not particularly feeling like myself, I haven’t been too enthused about fashion or putting my outfit together. I did purchase this Hansen and Gretel dress in one size up for the occasion but when I put it on that night, the dress just didn’t feel right. It felt a little too large for me (even in my big belly glory). The deep V collar opened right up to my belly button and the camisole that I had on (which was many sizes too small) kept hiking up right to my midriff. It was like a comedy that had gone wrong. Thankfully I had purchased a couple of nursing camisoles from Target and although the fabric wasn’t as luxurious, it saved my night! Speaking of nursing camisoles/bras, I’m swearing by my Target purchases but I’ll leave that for another time when I start transitioning to post-pregnancy topics.

Ever since the birth of mini M, I’ve regained much of my enthusiasm for fashion. There’s a lot of styles that are ‘impractical’ for nursing but at least I’ve semi-shrunk back to an acceptable size which allows me to fit into half of the things in my wardrobe. It’s no doubt going to be a challenge to balance practicality and personal desires but I’m sure I’ll find a way. I’m just not keen on being too strict with myself because that’s the last thing I need in a very sleep-deprived mode.

Signing off now! Hope you have a wonderful day.


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