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I’ve been actively browsing online shopping sites these days in the hope of putting together a #honeymoonwardrobe that I would be satisfied with. I cannot tell you how mentally and emotionally challenging the exercise has been because

#1. Most of my clothes suddenly fail to meet the ‘European Holiday Standards’ and require an update

#2. I want to impress my new husband and may not be able to do so with clothes that he’s seen me wearing week in week out.

#3. I made a conscious effort to purchase items that I will want to re-wear after the honeymoon, not fast moving pieces that I would throw aside after one wear.

#4. Good quality pieces often come with a higher price tag which warrants lots of consideration and hair pulling moments.

#5. I’m attempting to drill this statement into my head – ‘I don’t need to wear new clothes everyday just because I’m on honeymoon in a foreign land with lots of stylish people’

I’m trying hard to be sensible with my decisions. One thing’s for sure, drooling over another fashionista’s seemingly perfect honeymoon outfits doesn’t help!

Question: How did you avoid falling into the temptation of overspending on your honeymoon clothes?


  1. Love your outfit! I always feel like I fall into the same thought process whenever I go on vacation haha!! Good luck with your shopping and just remember that you will be on your honeymoon, celebrating your brand new marriage, so I am sure you will have an amazing trip no matter what you pack! 😉

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