Hot Air Ballooning in Tuscany

The thought of being held high up in the air by a giant balloon is quite crazy.
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Mr M gave me a card a month ago before our wedding and told me that the art work tells us something about our future.

The artwork consisted of a tandem bike, a dog and a balloon. I had a feeling on what was about to come, but I didn’t push Mr M for any details because I wanted it to be a surprise too.

My hunch was right. Mr M had surprised me to hot air ballooning in Tuscany!!!

Was I terrified? Yes, the thought of being held high up in the air by a giant balloon is quite crazy (no matter how much I loved ‘Up’).

Was the ride terrifying? No, the nerves subsided as soon as the balloon started taking off. The ride was ultra smooth and enjoyable.

Being able to witness Tuscany from above as it woke up in the morning was really, really special. It’s definitely one of the best and most memorable adventures that I’ve ever had with Mr M. I couldn’t have been thankful enough. What more, we were served some Ferrari Maximum Brut (so delicious) after the ride at 10am, yes 10am with a gorgeous picnic spread.

Have you ever been on a hot air balloon? Where did you have your ride?


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