I Scream Ice-Cream!

I have a heightened love for ice-creams these days and my favourite ice-cream parlour in the world for now is none other than Ciccone and Sons.

One of the first questions that people tend to ask me nowadays is “Do you have morning sickness?”

Morning sickness can be very debilitating in a large number of women as it affects the way they feel, their appetite, energy levels and a whole spectrum of things that probably hasn’t crossed our minds. Fortunately, other than a bit nausea and mild food aversions in the first trimester, my appetite hasn’t been an issue and I’ve been able to stomach most things that were put in front of me. Unlike some of the ‘horror/funny’ stories that I heard about husbands having to go out and buy strawberries in the middle of the night or some of rather emotionally-charged pregnancy food fiascos, food cravings aren’t exactly an issue as far as Mr M is concerned. I do however have a heightened love for ice-creams and my favourite ice-cream parlour in the world for now is none other than Ciccone and Sons! Don’t be fooled by their unassuming exterior and interior, their ice-creams are so creamy, delicious and satisfying. These photos were taken one Sunday when I made the decision that Ciccone and Sons was going to be a non-negotiable part of the day (while we’re still in bed in the morning). Yes, I actually made Mr M drive to the other side so that I could have a scoop of ice-cream. Hey I’m not nasty by comparison, at least the request came when the sun was up lol!

It was a warmish day so all I needed was a cosy knit and some jeans, and of course those pink Reeboks that I purchased recently. I bought those maternity jeans from asos and honestly, choosing a good fit has caused me a bit of pain but more on that later when I write a post dedicated to those jeans that I love and hate. Those pink sneakers however were the bomb! They were so padded and comfortable and I would gladly wear them everywhere. I remember contemplating whether I should also purchase some low stiletto boots on the same day when I purchased those sneakers but thankfully my sensibility managed to override that momentary lack of perspective. To my fellow mamas-to-be out there, yes do wear heels but I have a feeling that block heels would make your feet and body happier!

If you’re ever going to head to Ciccone and Sons, do also check out the DEA Store situated right across the road from it. DEA is an extremely beautiful and well-curated homewares/gift store and I actually (just yesterday) spent a long time browsing and persuading myself that I didn’t need an extra ceramic mug. Alas my willpower was too weak but I’m just so happy to be able to add a rustic japanese handmade mug to my growing collection. If you must know, there’s a really beautiful plant shop as well located just a few shops away from the ice-cream parlour so be prepared to spend a bit more than $4 for your ice-cream!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday folks! If you would like to see any other topics on girlwithflowers, do feel free to let me know. Talk soon.


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