In the Mood

Changing things up make our photo shoots less of a chore.
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Shirt Saba Jeans M.i.h Jeans Sandals Zara Scarf Gucci Bag From Italy

Mr M and I have been wanting to try that dark, moody look and our last minute shoot before the sun completely set was a nice coincidence.

I’m sure that you would agree if I said that the lighting was a little too dark but nevertheless it was so wonderful to try something different. Changing things up make our photo shoots less of a chore. It’s important to stimulate ourselves creatively and to remind ourselves what WLLWPROJECT is about and what it could be. Sometimes maintaining this blog feels like a hard slog but regardless of all the mental and emotional challenges, I know for a fact that I’m still very passionate about this little space that I created.

So there I was, looking a little emo in my double denim outfit. I will never stop loving the denim on denim look. This pairing may retreat into hibernation mode once in a while but when I’m out of ideas or when I just couldn’t be bothered dressing up, this will always be a good trick to pull off, very easy too. Oh and did I mention that (soft) denim everything also makes for a good flight outfit?

Speaking of flying, Mr M and I are very much in the midst of planning and prepping for holiday away. I actually feel a little anxious thinking about the amount of sights that I would like to cover and the full experience that I would like to have (if such a thing even exists). A part of it is from the anticipation I have from the positive things that people said and also the myriad of amazing photos available on the WWW. It is ridiculous I know so now I’m going to lull my brain to rid that pesky FOMO. If you must know, Mr M also has a case of FOMO so please wish us luck, haha!

Updates on this blog may be sporadic from now on so if you would like to follow us on our travel journey which is due to start in a couple of weeks, please add me on Instagram. I will still be updating this site as much as I could this and next week so definitely keep your eyes peeled.

Happy Tuesday all!


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