Intrinsic Beauty

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Ah Garance, how I love her. I don’t think she needs any introduction at all… But, if you have no idea who she is, you should totally head over here and check her out.

This excerpt was written by Scott Schuman of the famed street style blog The Sartorialist and I absolutely adore his praises for Garance’s fashion style in his book Closer. Although their relationship had ended, whatever he thought of her then (and perhaps now still) was really sweet.

Garance has an ability to make her decisions based on the intrinsic beauty of any item and not be awed by the status of a designer label or deterred by the stigma of an item being ‘common’.

It sounded like an easy concept, but don’t we all know people that try and buy style?

In this section (Closer pg.150) there is a shot of Garance on a bike wearing one of my white shirts as a bathing suit cover-up and a dime store straw hat. I was with her when she bought it and remember thinking ‘ugh’

And yet there she was, looking adorable in Montauk all that summer.

This excerpt was so ingrained in my head that I had no hesitation buying the hat that I was wearing from a pharmacy. Most people would have pulled a ‘Scott’ and said ‘ugh’ but I just couldn’t resist the colour. I could picture myself wearing it all Summer long and hopefully, Mr M would think that I’m adorable too. Haha.


Photography| Mr M

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