Introducing Hectorr

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Hectorr believes in minimalism. By that I don’t mean extreme minimalism like all white, extreme plainness and extreme simplicity. Rather Hectorr applies the core foundation of minimalism to its immaculate workmanship, producing pieces that are beautifully structured and just so wonderful to wear.

One of the major things that stood out for me when I first encountered Hectorr was the boldness and attitude that the brand embodies. Unlike many of her Asian fashion counterparts, Hectorr is one of the few clothing brands that exudes edginess and confidence in every single angle. Nantiya Saengchiwit, the creative brain behind Hectorr is also a self-taught designer who passionately believes in her own brand. Born and bred in Thailand, Nantiya had played many other creative roles before finding her niche in fashion. Nantiya believed and relished in the freedom of directing Hectorr‘s aesthetic direction without giving in to market demands. I find that such an attractive quality to have.

Personally, I’m really encouraged by people who are true to themselves and brave enough to follow their hearts. Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed but your dream will only remain as a dream if the first step hasn’t been taken, or the seed hasn’t been sowed.

Here is an interview that I did with Nantiya not too long ago. Once again, I’m publishing the entire interview because I want to give you a clear understanding on the heart and soul behind this wonderful label.

#1. Tell us about the Hectorr woman. How does she dress and behave? She is anti-trend, but in a good way. Hectorr’s pieces are for those who are not fashion victims and don’t alter their looks from season to season. The fashion trend seems unnecessary for them. The Hectorr woman knows herself well enough and expresses her style subconsciously and instinctually.

#2. How did you come up with this brand name and what does it mean? It came from Hector,  the name of a gangster boy in Morrisey’s song “First of the gang to die”

Hector was the first of the gang
With the gun in his hand
And the first to do time
First of the gang to die
Hector is a thief. Although morally he is not a good man, he still has a big brave heart. He loves his friends and his gang. He is prepared to do anything for them no matter how stupid the matter is. He is the first of the gang to die. 
I love the sacrificial and somewhat recklessly wilful qualities and really wanted my brand to emulate that.

#3. What would you say is the main thing that differentiates Hectorr from the other Thai fashion brands? Hectorr is all about minimalism, simplicity and being sleek where most Thai fashion brands emphasise on femininity.

#4. You graduated with a Degree in Architecture and had assumed a few creative roles in the past. How and when did you realize that fashion design is what you want to pursue? I actually graduated with a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design from the Faculty of Architecture. After that, I proceeded to work as a director at an advertising agency and also did some interior and graphic designing work. I’ve always been in creative environments and as cliche as it sounds, it was my passion in fashion, music and art that prompted me to establish Hectorr.

#5. How would you define fashion? Fashion is an art of personal expression. 

#6.  Where did the idea of ?Anonymous Bride? come from for your latest collection? In present days, most women have the ability to live without a partner. Marriage is only one of the many relationships that one could have. Based on that concept, the Anonymous Bride doesn’t need a groom to fulfil her life. She loves and takes good care of herself and is happy to be alone. Hence the idea of this collection is to keep things sleek but with some printed details for added interest and a touch of femininity.

#7. Tell us a bit about the Thai fashion scene. How is it different from the West? Asian women tend to dress more femininely than in the West. Most of them favour details like layered skirts, pastels and sheer fabrics. I associate them with little princesses who wanted protection. On the other hand, women in the West are more acceptable towards masculine and androgynous styles.

#8. Thailand is famous for its shopping and food. Where are some of your favourite places to shop and eat? Siam center, Siam Paragon and Jatujak Weekend Markets.

#9. Who are your style icons and what do you admire about them? Tilda Swinton for her love for minimalism. Freja Beha Erichsen as she’s always cool and edgy.

#10. Who are your favourite fashion designers and why? Maison Martin Margiela because he doesn’t make clothes for the sake of making clothes. He’s a master artist who creates wearable art works. He expresses his style and identity so well that the essence of MMM is simply evident in all his designs.

#11. Do you read any fashion blogs at all? If so which blogs fall in your ?daily reads? category? The Sartorialist.

#12. What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe? My Rick Owens leather jacket.

#13. Where do you see Hectorr in 5 years? Hopefully by then Hectorr would have garnered a wider reach and more people would understand the heart behind this brand.

#14. Could you reveal (if possible) a little bit about your next collection? What should we get excited about?! You’ll just have to wait and see!

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