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Hello everyone!

If you’re a follower of WLLWPOPUP on Facebook, you might have a seen a sliver of YESIMFRENCH’s awesomeness a couple of weeks back. Without delaying any further, I’m so SO thrilled to announce that this French/Korean label is now officially available at WLLWPOPUP!

YESIMFRENCH is the brainchild of Sandra Meynier Kang, a gorgeous French designer with a penchant for architectural sportswear. A graduate of Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris, Sandra started her brand in 2011 with a homemade capsule collection of just 5 sweatshirts. Nowadays you may locate YESIMFRENCH in different parts of the world.

Sandra’s passion in creating unique but wearable sports silhouettes combined with her skills in mixing textures is evident in her designs. Be prepared to change the way you see sports fashion forever! What more, sports luxe is SS2014 biggest trend so there are plenty of reasons to start experimenting with YESIMFRENCH’s amazing pieces.

Stay tuned for an interview that I did with Sandra. Meanwhile, head to WLLWPOPUP  to immerse yourself with the goodness of YESIMFRENCH.


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