Investing in Fashion

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The feeling of wearing good quality shoes is… amazing.

I’m a massive ‘shoe person’ but ironically I hadn’t always invested in my shoes because I’m quite clumsy you see. Most of my shoes had suffered from unwanted scratches and stains after the first wear so I just resorted to cheaper options to avoid heartaches. However recently, I came to acknowledge that I had put myself in the vicious cycle of fast fashion consumerism. Buying cheap fashion items of lesser quality had justified a higher frequency of purchase and cultivated a much more careless approach at maintaining those items. I hate to admit this but I had become the person who took things for granted.

Earlier this year, I made a conscious decision to change the way I shop. I started opting for items that were thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted whenever possible. I paid more attention to details and quality because I wanted to really appreciate and applaud the efforts that were put into producing each item. I wanted to be able to give credit where credit is due.

These bordeaux leather ballet flats by Porselli are one of such purchases this year. They are incredibly comfortable and a whiff of the Italian leather is a nice reminder that I have good shoes on. I’ve done many kilometres of walking in them but the soles are still beautifully intact, which has further strengthen my decision to start investing and limit on impulse buying.

I’ve bought less this year but I’ve also become more and more satisfied with what I have. Who else has also made a similar transition? Would love to hear from you!


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    1. Hi Jade! They’re absolutely worth it! The leather’s beautiful and they’re ultra comfy 🙂 Go and check them out! xx

  1. I’ve often thought of cleaning out my closet and transitioning to a more curated collection of clothes, but I am still in such a state of flux that I think I’m just not ready for it. It probably sounds silly, but I think that until I’m ready to settle down, I’m not really ready to settle down my wardrobe either, haha! 🙂

    1. Hello! Good to hear from you Kristi! I absolutely know how you feel! The fact that I’m going to step into a completely different stage in life has prompted me to re-evaluate what I really value and want in my wardrobe. I guess I’m at a place where I want to start appreciating the clothes that I wear knowing that someone had put in a lot of effort in making the piece worthwhile… Of course having said this, I’m not entirely giving up on high street fashion because there is undeniably a lot of fashion forward things that are super cute and ultra enticing haha! I’ll just try and cut down. x

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