Is It a Good Purchase?

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What constitutes a good fashion purchase?

Mr M made a comment over the weekend about my multi-coloured scarf. I seemed to have overused it as far as he knows. Guilty as charged. No penalty incurred of course but that made me question the criteria of a good purchase. Here are a few generic points that came to mind:

#1. Price

#2. Quality

#3. Uniqueness

#4. Cost per wear

#5. Ethical considerations

#6. Brand

This list is of course non-exhaustive as the way we think evolves as we mature and expose ourselves to different societies and cultures. For now I would say that a good buy makes me FEEL THANKFUL, AWESOME, and SPECIAL every time I put the piece on.

How would you describe a great purchase?


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  1. those are exactly the things I consider before purchasing (though once at zara sometimes it’s hard to do that!). I also think if it’s just a trend item for me or a signature item that fits in with my own ‘style’. Hope that makes sense- I’ve bought so many silly trend items that look terrible on me (and I posted on my blog). Now I only want to stick to my classic stuff so my wardrobe can fit into all the ethical/quality/cost per use categories too.


  2. I completely agree on our inability to think straight in ZARA and it’s pretty frustrating actually. I have so much ZARA and ASOS in my wardrobe and I’m not exactly enjoying my decisions! Classifying your purchases into trend vs signature is such a good thing to do. That way you could pretty much work out/justify the dollars spent on them.

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