All the jumping had also reminded me of the early days of Margaret Zhang’s blogging career, where jumping while posing was her signature move.
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Man I just find it so difficult to stop wearing my Finders Keepers culottes (see this for a more made up look). They are well-fitted and in trend (thought I should mention this), easy to slip on and most of all ultra comfortable. The palazzo style legs are perfect for S/S as they allow for a bit of breeze to flow through to combat the heat.

I seldom do boots in warm weather but I knew that they were just right for this casual weekend do. Whilst I would try my best to waterproof my leather shoes, this pair of Topshop boots is one of those “I know I should care for them a bit better but I’m too lazy” type of shoes. Because of this, the leather doesn’t look as pristine and shiny as it should but you know what, I’m really enjoying the rough and tough qualities. I think boots are made to be a bit more rugged although I can’t say the same in the event where I cave into buying a certain pair of boots when the weather cools down (Mr M please be informed of this).

Well Mr M and I had fun shooting for this post (that was a good day because we also purchased our Chasseur cast iron pan which is super awesome for cooking) as it was kinda different from our usual “serious” shoots. I had a ball goofing around, jumping and looking like a crazy woman in the photos. All the jumping had also reminded me of the early days of Margaret Zhang’s blogging career, where jumping while posing was her signature move. All the physical moves definitely paid off for her, on top of her myriad of talents of course.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday. I’m jumping for joy as Easter long weekend is fast approaching!


  1. I really love culottes too and adore the looks you’re pulling off with it. I also love the outfit on your previous post with the black culottes and the cropped top and denim jacket.

    <3 <3 Mahshid مهشید

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