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This kind of Sunday look sings to me every time- relaxed, casual and really comfortable.

Remember the post that I wrote on the slightly more grown up me? I pinched one half of the navy outfit and paired it with my loose fitting vanilla toned shirt from Country road. Although the wrap shorts have a seemingly perfect other half, it is ok to separately them temporarily. What is fashion without a bit of creativity and fun?

I think the softness and sheerness of the shirt juxtaposed quite beautifully with those stiff and dark shorts. The feel and colour of the materials are completely different but they work together amazingly. This combination has aptly reminded me of my relationship with Mr M in many ways. Both of us are polar opposites – extroverted vs introverted, spontaneous vs deliberate, (more) fun vs (more) serious. These differences in qualities require patience but we complement each other like a jigsaw puzzle.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Hang in there as the weekend is JUST around the corner. To the Aussies, happy long weekend!


Photography| Mr M

Outfit details: Shirt| Country Road Wrap shorts| Paingshop Boat shoes| Plain and Pattern (Thailand)    Bag| Charles and Keith Hat| H&M Rings| Mazal, Via Alley

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