Lace and Broderie Anglaise

Monday mornings are always a stark reminder that the work week has begun but for me, a nice cup of skinny latte is almost always effective in toning down those Monday blues so Happy Monday everyone!

Autumn has finally arrived and greeted us with lots of rain and although most Aussies were quite gutted about the wetness, I personally love cosying up indoors while listening to the raindrops pelting on the windows. Also, the rain just seems to make everything extra romantic isn’t it?

For yesterday’s photo shoot, Mr M and I decided to experiment on ‘clean, studio-style’ photos at his studio (aka bedroom) for a change. To be honest with you it was probably one of the technically harder shoots we’ve ever done in all aspects. Although the limited space has impacted on flexibility, overall we were quite happy with our first attempt in indoor photography.

Studio 1

wllwStudio 5

I had the urge to wear white yesterday due to the ‘white craze’ that’s been going on lately on blogsphere so I paired my broderie anglaise skirt that I got from Dissh with a lace top to give different textures to the look. The top is actually fairly long and composed of a different colour and material from waist down so I tucked it into my skirt to hide the unwanted section. I’m actually considering snipping off the excess material but I haven’t done any hemming before so perhaps this could be my first fashion DIY project. It would also be great if anyone has any tips to make the process easier because I CAN’T SEW! Accessories wise, I decided to wear my ultra eye-popping necklace to create more interest and just for fun really! Fashion isn’t fashion if one cannot have fun right?

wllwStudio 3

wllwStudio 4

Although I could definitely use some cinching at the waist, I decided to remove the black patent belt that I was wearing because it seemed to add extra clutter to what I was trying to achieve. I preferred to go with either the chunky necklace OR the belt because sometimes the more isn’t the merrier!

wllwStudio 2

wllwStudio 1

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I look forward to sharing my adventure in Franschhoek (click here to gain context) with you real soon.


  1. This must be my favorite post so far!! Like the fact that you also had matching white nails! hehe, Well done once again!!:D

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