Last Weekend Edit: Hip Hip Hooray!

Yesterday morning was as beautiful as can be. We were super grateful for the sunshine because it was precisely what we needed for Mr M’s birthday BBQ (or braai as he likes to call it). Mr M is such a great blessing to my life and I was pretty excited to spoil him with the little that I knew to do!

I started the day fairly early and after a disastrous ride (I spilled sticky marinade on the carpet of the passenger seat but I’m not going to go there now) to Mr M’s, I pulled myself together to prep for the day. I thought I had everything in place… until I realised I left his surprise cupcakes at home! NOOO! I was running on a tight schedule so I had no choice but to send birthday boy himself to collect them. There goes my brownie points.

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Chopping up some rosemary that I picked from his herb patch to make rosemary cashews. They were so easy to make and so delicious to snack on.

When I think about BBQs, I think about relaxed silhouettes. I was anticipating a cool day so I opted to wear my maxi skirt with a sleeved top. This maxi from Zara was actually way too long for me but seeing that the waistband is elasticated, I thought it might work just fine if I roll the waistband in to shorten the length of the skirt. The extra material around my waist was secured with my Uniqlo belt to create a fun paper bag waist. The length wasn’t perfectly even but it didn’t bother me one bit.

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I wore my bodycon dress as a top and I absolutely relish opportunities like this to experiment with the versatility of an item. My thongs from Havaianas (yes i just said ”thongs” and I’m not referring to any intimate apparel for that matter) are the perfect choice of footwear for yesterday imho because they were so easy to slip in and out of especially when I was going to spend a big chunk of time dashing around the house fetching things from one place to another. Just a little side note on ”thongs’, ‘ it’s an Aussie slang for flip flops and this word can be very awkward to use sometimes!

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We ended the day with a drive to Bradley’s Head to enjoy the remaining sunshine. What can I say, it’s a wonderful day filled with love, fun conversations and lots of food!

To those who were there, THANK YOU for making yesterday special for Mr M.


Photography| Birthday Boy

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