Last Weekend Edit: Stripes, Coloured Denim and Leopard Print

Today’s the last day of Easter long weekend and frankly speaking, I am feeling rather drained. Before the break, I had visions of myself chilling in bed at night with some interesting reading materials but that didn’t happen. Is anyone of you guilty of filling your schedules to the brim during breaks/holidays as well? It’s a rather bizarre feeling  personally because the introverted side of me wanted to rest at home while the extroverted side craved to be surrounded by people.  However bipolar it was, I could not deny the awesomeness in celebrating the true meaning of Easter (and I’m not referring to Easter egg hunt) and catching up on fun social activities.

I’m adamant to take it easy today but before I do so, I’d like to share my usual ”Last Weekend Edit” with you. Mr M and I were able to catch the last hour of sunlight at Middle Head yesterday and the soft warm rays were perfect for photo taking.


I decided to wear my coloured jeans (also shown in this post) for Easter Sunday just to inject a pop of brightness on such a beautiful day. I paired it with my favourite grey tee (see here) because the colours complement each other so well. In fact, grey IS the MAGIC colour imho because it could rarely go wrong with any other colours. It’s also great if one wants to balance out highly contrasting colours.

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I also tried to play with different prints and I love the way black and white stripes and leopard print look together. I’m looking forward to be a bit bolder when experimenting with ”print on print” looks once I’ve collected a few more pieces to mix and match with.


Enjoy the rest of your break and don’t forget to eat lots!


Photography| Mr M

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