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Red + Black combo is a tricky one to tackle. I don’t normally like to pair these colours together because I find the striking contrast really hard to pull off. Hence whenever I decide to brave this colour combo, I would always make room for what I called a ‘transition colour’ to soften and tie the whole palette together. In the case above, my big cosy grey coat had definitely served its purpose well.

Last Sunday was extraordinarily windy and cold and I’m sure that my background needs no introduction at all. Mr M and I don’t normally frequent that area unless there are significant events or festivals happening. We were there however on that day for a special engagement shoot of my uni friend and her sweetheart. Now as some of you might have already known, photography isn’t Mr M’s ‘real’ job. Mr M holds a busy job in the good ol’ corporate world and pursues photography part-time whenever opportunities arise. If you understand photography, you would appreciate that it takes a lot of practice, time and pre + post-photography efforts to produce attention worthy images. It’s because of Mr M’s interest in this field that keeps him going on, and on, and on… And I’ve been thinking lately about the season that I’m in right now and what my current jobs mean to me.

Like Mr M, I have a ‘real’ job too and it’s in the healthcare industry. During whatever spare time that I have, I use it to run my baby online women’s fashion store WLLWPOPUP. Why was I willing to bring upon myself all the extra work, costs, stress and at times feelings of ‘not good enough’? It’s because I love fashion and I have the desire to help people look at fashion in a different light, beyond its superficial layers. Perhaps the older I become, the more I appreciate the importance of acknowledging and promoting talent and brands especially lesser known ones in an opened manner. I love celebrating the brains and hands behind the amazing pieces at WLLWPOPUP and I felt compelled to cheer them on in whatever capacity that I have. Call me a dreamer but in a world consumed by mass produced products, I hope to drop a touch of something special and meaningful in someone’s life whenever possible.

Has WLLWPOPUP been an easy breezy road to travel on? No, it’s a far cry from it. Am I blessed to be given the opportunity to run it? Yes, very much so. The one thing that I desperately want is for you to understand the core reasons for WLLWPOPUP and to support it in whatever ways that you could. Share WLLWPOPUP’s amazing designers with your friends no matter where you are in the world because by doing that, you’re part of something a lot bigger. How big could sharing of clothing items be you may ask? It’s not big at all but imho the act of celebrating and sharing someone’s creativity and efforts is generous and beyond words don’t you think?


Photography| Mr M



  1. I admire you for juggling so many passions and jobs at the same time! I cannot fathom what it’s like to be in the healthcare industry. It’s the total opposite of fashion (in a good way).

    And it’s funny to see winter clothes now seeing that Hong Kong is in a crazy hot and humid summer right now. I’m tempted to fly down right now just to get a breather! 🙂


  2. Haha! Thanks Sam. I hope my struggles do turn into something fruitful one day 🙂

    Yes do come this way! Pls drop me a line when you do because it will be such an honour to meet you in person! x

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