Let’s Cosy Up with Knit and Maxi

The excitement is building. I spent a fair bit of time a couple of days ago reading travel recommendations on the internet and compiling a list of ‘must dos’ and ‘must eats’ for Mr M and I in the hope of increasing travelling efficiency. Based on past experiences, I’ve never really had the opportunity to revisit countries that I’ve been to (except for Hong Kong and Singapore where the extended family resides) so I tend to have the desire to see everything that I want to see (if such a reality exists during holidays) and sample every morsel of local food that I could find. I am both ambitious and greedy like that. Am I also describing you? If not, what kind of traveller are you?

In all honesty, I am unfamiliar with Scandinavian fashion due to the lack of exposure in this side of the world. What I have observed though mostly through pictures is that fashion in Scandinavia is clean, streamlined, modern and structural with great tailoring in mind. Although I don’t really apply a minimalist approach when I put my outfits together, the cool, fuss-free vibes that define some of the Scandinavian fashion brands are definitely up my alley. I hope to score some great pieces from homegrown brands like Acne, Filippa K and Monki but I would imagine having to be really selective with what I buy in some of the most expensive places to live in in the world! Of course I also very much look forward to discovering new designers and just really appreciating their innovation, hearts and craftsmanship whilst also marvelling the beautiful architecture and surroundings.I can’t wait to share my experiences there with you so stay tuned!

Meanwhile I’m going to leave you with a few photos that were taken a couple of weeks ago in one of my favourite suburbs called Surry Hills. I have a love hate relationship with all things maxi due to my height. The good thing about this particular skirt though is its elasticated waistband which renders a little more freedom in its length (view rolled up version). I was in the mood for a loose and flowy silhouette that I relish in once in a while. Oh and I finally purchased some new jewellery! I have been wearing the same ones over and over again and when I saw the delicate gold bands at Mazal Boutique, I was sold. I wore them on my right ring finger and my apologies for not having a clearer photo of them. The gorgeous ring that I wore on my middle finger is mum’s and I certainly made use of it when she was here!



I took over the reigns of editing these photos as my trusty photographer was unable to do so. Please pardon my lack of skills but it’s good practice for me!

Have a wonderful week ahead!


Photography| Mr M edited by me 🙂

  1. Awww! I love how your post relates to mine.
    Totally in love with the cool and casual feel- especially the long maxi skirt.
    Regarding travelling- have you been to Cape Town? If not, add it to you list of must see places. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sasha! Yes I have been to Cape Town! In fact over 6 months ago 🙂 Cape Town is BEAUTIFUL. It’s really scenic there and the place has a nice laid back feel to it!

    1. Thanks Sybil. I found some cute red ones at an old town called Gamla Stan but they ran out of sizes! I didn’t have time to look for another pair so I think I would have to resort to online shopping in this case!

    1. Thanks Christy! I like maxi lengths too but I have to consciously try and not step on the hem of my skirt when walking up the stairs! Oh and thanks for your kind compliment on the photos xx

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