Do you like wearing linen?
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Linen is such a beautiful material. My appreciation for it has increased by many folds in the recent months as I started to learn more about knitting and fibres. Imagine my delight when I saw a selection of pretty linen shirts and dresses over at Uniqlo!

For those who are not familiar with linen, it is a textile made from the flax plant. Linen is a beautiful hardwearing material that’s known for its highly absorbent properties. It’s an incredibly wonderful fabric to drape over your bodies in warmer months and I absolutely adore that natural hand feel. Wearing linen makes me feel good but the one mental barrier is its propensity to crinkle like crazy! FYI I did iron my linen dress before the shoot.

I apologise if I sound like a greenie but I’m more and more interested in utilising natural materials in my daily life. I’m not omitting all the synthetic things or chemicals in my life because they do have a place (for now at least) but I would like to incorporate more organic stuff into my routine such as organic skincare or some of the cleaning agents that I use around the house. I started thinking more about organic skincare and makeup after reading a few natural beauty reviews by Lee Vosburgh on her blog Style Bee. Something like that wouldn’t have appealed to me a couple of years ago but now I’m sold! I just want to start exploring this area and see what goodies I could find. As with cleaning items, I encountered a blog post by Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves on making your own cleaning agents and the photography was just delightful! I now harbour this romantic idea of housing all my homemade cleaning solutions in brown poisons glass jar and using beautiful Swedish brushware to clean. Cleaning could be my new addiction! (Is this even possible?! ha!!!)

Do you also like wearing linen? What do you like about it?

Jot down your thoughts!