Looking Beyond Mainstream Fashion

I’ve always wondered what actually goes on in a fashion designer’s head. Whenever I encountered clever and/or aesthetically pleasing designs, my heart would fill with awe and admiration. Although part of me wished that I was the mastermind behind those designs, the other part of me felt extremely thankful. Thankful because I had easy access to someone’s creativity.

As much as I love my high street brands (and the prices that go with them), I’ve slowly begun to really appreciate the works of independent designers. I’m finding a lot of joy in discovering emerging designers and the beautiful works that they put together. Just like many industries that are over-saturated with talents, I believe that the world of fashion design isn’t as glamorous as it portrays itself to be. There’s a big bunch of amazing designers that are yearning to be heard on the world stage, and the only way for them to get there is via trust and grace. This is why I love e-commerce websites that actually understand this concept and are willing to market brands that they believe in.

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Hectorr is an independent Thai fashion label that I came across recently and I admire them for their minimalist yet edgy style. I had the pleasure to meet the brand’s designer Nantiya Saengchiwit on my recent trip to Bangkok and I have to say that the petite beauty has plenty of talent to show! If you’ve been to Bangkok, you would realise that many of their local brands favour frills and ultra girly touches so Hectorr was one of the few that stood out to me in a refreshing way.

This black and white crepe top was worn separately from its other half (a pair of wide legged pants) simply because I wanted to test out its versatility. Personally I like its rather boxy structure and I could see myself pairing it with a number of things in my wardrobe. Also, I love those 2 black pockets! I mean, who doesn’t like pockets?

What are some of the emerging/non mainstream labels that you’re really digging at the moment? I’d love to know.


Photography| Mr M

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