Lounging in Swimwear

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Bikini Tigerlily Dress Witchery Sandals Country Road Hat Cala Ganone

Lounging around in swimwear all day round is quite liberating.

I’m not (yet) a fan of walking around the beach area (never say never) in just my swimsuit but I definitely love having a good cover up. It’s just a whole lot more appealing when a hint of skin is showing as opposed to baring it all, almost.

Mr M and I headed to the stunning Cala Ganone one day in Sardinia (google this place and you’ll know what I mean) and were mesmerised by the beauty of the brilliant blue sea and pearly-white beaches. The weather however was against us and we found ourselves competing with the waves in our quest to explore its famous bays. The best time to visit Cala Ganone is in the summer period (which we narrowly missed) because the sea is at its calmest during that time. We ended up whizzing out into the sea and back again in less than 2 hours when we anticipated an all day affair. The weather condition just didn’t permit us to stay. It was quite disappointing (especially for Mr M) because he’s the water baby between the 2 of us.

We managed to head back to Su Gologone in time to catch the sunset at their rooftop seating areas and I was in awe. Some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. We probably wouldn’t have been able to witness those orange skies if not for our disappointment at Cala Ganone…

A little bit like ‘ When one door closes, another opens.’


Photography| Mr M

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