Lunch Break Dreamin: The Panama Hat

Panama  hats! Where should I even start? Sydney has had a few sizzling summer days so far (by sizzling I mean temperatures in the low to mid 40C!) and what better excuse could I make to get my hands on one of those beauties?

It was  love at first sight when I spotted a lady wearing the Panama hat with her beach dress a couple of weeks back. I didn’t have a clue on the name of the style but the word ‘Ipenama’ just came to mind so I started my rather embarrassing search for the ‘Ipenama Hat’. Thankfully Google being Google was smart enough to decipher my geographically challenged brain and brought me to ‘Panama’ instead. However to further confuse things, Panama hats actually originated from Ecuador!

Panama 1

image from cheapchicas

Its versatility is hard to ignore and the Panama is definitely an item that could transform a good look to an amazing one! I’m currently in the hunt for one but have not had the chance to do much research yet. Does anyone have any personal tips regarding choosing and sourcing the hats? Looking forward to hear your thoughts!


  1. Love the hat! I used to go to Surry Hills Festival and there’s a stall there which just sells hats. Not sure whether it’s still there though but you could find all kinds of hat!

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