Making a Statement

Statement earrings are the big thing this year, in case you’ve missed the memo.
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When I was packing for Cape Town, I laid down all my current favourite and most-worn pieces on the floor to get an idea of the overall feel. Thankfully I have a pretty consistent taste and the colours seemed to all work nicely together. I didn’t want to plan every outfit as I wasn’t going to be hard and fast about my wardrobe choices. Instead I wanted to allow my mood to take its course.

STYLE NOTES ||SILHOUETTE|| Volume is once again, my friend. Sometimes I do fear that too much fabric may overwhelm my body frame but I just can’t get enough of that unrestrictive feeling and movement. The belt on my skirt is unremovable (see here) so in order to avoid having a bump right at the stomach area, I simply tucked the 2 strips of belt fabric into the skirt.

||FOOTWEAR|| I purchased these Ancient Greek Sandals on sale a couple of weeks before the trip and it’s definitely one expensive but awesome purchase. These sandals are worth all the hype and I have been wearing them so much ever since. I was a little unsure about the fit at the beginning but the leather has softened with repeated wear. They are very comfortable to walk in (once I’ve figured out how to tie the straps properly).

||STATEMENT JEWELLERY||After getting my hands on these handcrafted mermaid earrings, I’ve just been enjoying them at every opportunity that I have.

||ACCESSORIES||My ROC sunnies are my best friend this summer. They are relatively cheap so I have no qualms about chucking them in my purse or in the car for really glary situations. I’m hoping to purchase a new pair, perhaps something better but I’ll probably hold it off until this pair starts to fall apart.

SIDE NOTES This set of photo was taken on a quiet street in the city of Cape Town. Half way into our shoot, a stranger walked up to Mr M and requested for a headshot of him for his work i.d. Random much? I was feeling a little scared because it felt too co-incidental but Mr M so graciously did what he was told. After the stranger left, I told Mr M that “he’s so suspicious” but Mr M just said “you’re suspicious of him”.

That was my moment of awakening. I’ve just had it in my head that every stranger is a baddy after being repeatedly told that South Africa is a dangerous country but that is such a generalisation. There would always be exceptions and sometimes all it takes is a benefit of the doubt for a good outcome.

Have you been to South Africa before? Did you have any concerns over safety?


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