Mama Bear

This pregnancy has unconsciously dug up many of the hidden fashion tendencies that I never knew I had.

This look was inspired by Eva Chen , whom I have the biggest girl crush on at the moment. I think I’ve mentioned it already in my last post lol.

I’m certainly not a minimalist. However I don’t belong to the maximalist camp either. More often than not, I would choose neutral palettes over colourful tones, simple lines rather than overcomplicated silhouettes. This pregnancy has unconsciously dug up many of the hidden fashion tendencies that I never knew I had. That tendency to experiment with things that I’m normally too shy to wear and that urge to be a bit more ‘out there’.  Nowadays I’m constantly finding myself reaching out for that bulky pink fur coat that I bought for my wedding and that pair of bold red patent boots. I’m so engrossed in the pink phase that I went and bought myself some sugary pink sneakers. News flash, I also have a new pair of rose gold boots that are waiting to be broken into. Say what?! What’s happening? Nothing seems to make sense but this out of sync-ness feels perfectly fine at the same time.

When I first laid my eyes on the Comme des Garcons red heart Play tee, I was smitten. I mean it’s a very simple tee but I just loved its playful vibe and versatility. I did some research online a while ago but never ended up purchasing it because let’s face it, it’s a uber expensive t-shirt that I could do without. When we visited The Isetan Japan Store in Malaysia last month and saw a selection of the Play tees on their racks, that completely rekindled my desire to own it so I made the leap, with Mr M’s credit card haha! I chose a size L to complement my current body shape and it’s becoming one of my most cherished tees. I love wearing it with everything but the biggest challenge (with all white tops) is to not get any makeup on its neckband. A little tip is to COMPLETELY remove all makeup from face before pulling it off. It’s a no brainer but sometimes my lack of patience cost me, a lot.

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