Match Made in Heaven

20140127 - Mosman

I’m crazy about mixing & matching my outfits. I love creating new looks out of not so new clothes. I love the creativity involved in the process, it makes me feel alive!

The silky olive green dress that I’m wearing was actually made to be a skirt. I’ve worn it multiple times in the past-  rolled up at the waistband; with knit and boots; with striped sweater and Vans. I find so much joy wearing it differently each time.

I was thinking of wearing the skirt with the crop top initially but came to realise that baring my midriff wouldn’t work so well with where I was going. Hence pulling it up to my underarms seemed like a good solution. I cinched my waist in with a leather belt, pulled my crop top over my head and voila! I was sorted. Oh and did anyone notice that I’ve gotten some new sandals? Hooray to that! my white ASOS ones are on the verge of being worn/disintegrated to nothing. I simply adore the pop up fuchsia against the olive green backdrop. This combination is beyond any nice descriptive words imho. My old swarovski encrusted gold fish necklace also got some airtime after sitting in the cupboard unnoticed for years so I was pretty proud of that…

Lastly, something really special and close to my heart is happening this coming Thursday (30/1). I hope you’ll join me on this exciting ride. Please stay tuned or log onto wllwproject’s Facebook to find out why!

x Mun

Photography| Mr M

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