Maternity Jeans 101

If there’s one important lesson that I learnt from getting maternity jeans, it would be tounderestimate my size.
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Brr…Blackheath was cold but I loved it. Situated near the highest point of the Blue Mountains and less than a couple of hours away from home, Blackheath was the destination of choice for a quick weekend getaway with some friends. We rented a large house where we cooked all our meals, chilled by the fire, played card games and made mulled wine. It was a truly relaxing affair as there was no agenda but to hang out with a bunch of good people.

I was so glad that the maternity jeggings that I ordered from The Iconic arrived just on time and I was over the moon with them as they fitted perfectly. It was definitely nice to recover from the not-so-great versions that I got from asos and have at least one good pair that I can rely on. If there’s one important lesson that I learnt from getting maternity jeans, it would be to underestimate my size. Often it isn’t difficult to automatically size up as our bodies expand to accommodate a growing baby (and because we tend to feel fat) but that’s actually not going to do you any favour. If anything a larger fit would only make things more awkward and constantly having to pull those pants up isn’t that flattering either. Choose the size that you wear prior to your pregnancy and you should be quite safe. The beauty about those jeggings is that instead of having a rather hard to hide under or over the bump band, the elastics are discreet and sit on the side of my hips. I’m really tempted to get another pair in a different wash but I’m going to hold that off for the time being as I have been splurging quite a bit lately. Prior to the getaway I also managed to convince myself that I needed a new coat to take with me. This fully reversible quilted jacket by Gorman had me at hello so I took it home with me. It’s ultra cosy and those colours frankly make me very happy! These days wearing colours make me feel good so I’m just going to roll with it.

How are you keeping these days? Do you have any tips when it comes to choosing maternity denim?


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