Milan is synonymous with fashion, shopping and stylish people.
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Milan is synonymous with fashion, shopping and stylish people.

I had always wondered what the fuss is all about, but never really had a true desire to visit that city. Maybe because it was too common. Everybody who was going to Italy seemed to want to have a piece of Milan for themselves. I also knew that a designer shopping spree was impossible so the appeal to go there was lacking.

Our honeymoon itinerary last September had provided us with an opportunity to spend a night in Milan so Mr M and I decided to grab it seeing that none of us had been there before. We drove in from Tuscany and traffic there was on another level! After a rather stressful drive, we finally found our hotel in the late afternoon. I was quite excited about it as Mr M had meant for it to be a surprise for me. To our rude shock (after wondering why the front doors were locked), the neighbouring shops told us that the supposedly reputable hotel had closed down 2 months prior! Mr M hadn’t received any notice from them so there we were, being put on the spot and left to our devices in a foreign country.

Thankfully for the internet, we found Palazzo Segreti, a boutique hotel which was situated right off the main shopping strip. In a fortunate turn of events, the manager even gave us a free upgrade to their junior suite. #toogood We went from being tired and flustered to clicking our heels together praising God!

After quickly refreshing ourselves, we hit the streets immediately to make up for the time that we lost. I wore one of my favourite silk dresses (also see 1/2), and wrapped my newest oversized scarf around my shoulders (Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook is also a fan it seems). I observed a number of girls in Italy wearing their scarves this way which I really enjoyed. I’m not that creative when it comes to scarf wearing so hopefully I would have a few more tricks up my sleeve when winter comes to the Southern Hemisphere!

This will be the last post on Italy and I hope you’ve enjoyed our Italian journey as much as we did!

Next up, Malaysia.

Ps. Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate! Hope you’re having a ball!


  1. I love how you styled this outfit, the blanket scarf looks really cool with that dress! Definitely gives me inspiration for outfits to bring when traveling:):) Keep up the awesome work!

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