Mixing Prints

If you’ve followed WLLWPROJECT long enough, you would have realised that I live, eat and breathe stripes in my little fashion world. Stripes are timeless, versatile, French (which is another word for tres chic) and are an overall life and time saver. As silly as it sounds, my motto is ‘when in doubt, throw on some stripes!’  and that worked brilliantly this time, if not everytime. Therefore if you’re sorting out your wardrobe and are keen on getting the basics right, put this pattern on your staples list! Life will never be the same again. I personally favour thinner stripes as they are softer, easier to work with and not as ‘in your face’.

I was asked by a couple of people whether the skirt was purchased on my recent trip to Bangkok and I could see why. The material resembles Thai silk in a glance and the print is somewhat oriental looking. I had its waistband altered from hips to waist. I like it more now as it’s a lot more fitted than before. I’m still thinking of more pairing ideas so if you have any, please throw them this way!

as1 as2 as3 as4

That’s all for now. I really look forward to a more substantial blog post when I get around to it. Could you please help me to call for mojo to come back?

Have a beautiful day.


Photos| Mr M

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