Mixology:: Stripes and Floral

There’s a little revival in my social life lately. No, I’m not talking about alcohol-laden, hangover inducing kind of social activities. In fact the mere thought of all-night partying wears me out a little… unless it’s for joyful occasions of course! I think I should clarify that neither am I trying to act pristine or sound like a goody two shoes. Matter of fact is the older I get, the more I enjoy sound interactions that actually mean something.


When the cat is away, the mice will play. Mr M who’s currently away on a business trip in Eastern Europe recited this idiom to me on one of our precious phone conversations. That made me chuckle! I’m absolutely letting ‘loose’ (not in the literal sense just in case you wonder) and cramming my free time with meetings, activities and whatnots while Mr M’s away. That extroverted side of me has come back with a vengeance! Oops, I think I just made Mr M sound like a control freak but really he’s not. In fact he’s always respected my choices and decisions unconditionally. He’s more introverted by nature.  Inevitably compromises need to be made by both of us since our personalities differ so much. That ‘you first’ attitude is hard to swallow at times (especially when I like things MY WAY) but really, which long-lasting relationship doesn’t swear by that?


Spring has just arrived but Sydney is scorching hot already! I’ve recently been exposed to Honor’s 2014 Spring collection and I am inspired to wear more floral prints! I tend to mix stripes with everything so I’m excited to explore and expand on my print mixing skills! Oh please allow me to indulge on the beautiful lighting in the photo on the right. I’ve really begun to appreciate what good lighting does nowadays although it could be temperamental and hard to catch.


Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Happy Monday all 🙂


Photography| Mr M

  1. thanks for leaving a comment. I know what you meant, because these days I find myself more often than not preferring the nice and laid back atmosphere of a bar or a pub over a clubbing activity, especially when you can actually hear what your friends are talking about. Haha. Lovely outfit by the way 🙂 Spring seems to be back full blown already so that’s great 🙂

  2. Loved the Honor collection, it’s so inspiring! And you mixed the prints like a pro. I think it’s so interesting that your Mr. is visiting my country, esp since you live so far away!

    1. Aw thanks for your kind words! Mr M is finally back today after 2 weeks in Romania! He did the Transylvania drive and thought it was breathtaking 😉

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