Why is there such a desire to have our names tattooed on our possessions?
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For my birthday last year, a bunch of sweet high school friends of mine who are now scattered  around the world pooled together some money and purchased this bag for me.

I felt like a 5 year old kid all over again when a ginormous box arrived at my door steps without any prior notice. I tore open the packaging frantically and my heart did a little somersault at the sight of the black luscious leather. As if all the excitement wasn’t enough, my name was also neatly monogrammed in gold on the leather. That, was truly the cherry on top.

In recent years the art of monogramming on bags and fashion items has taken us by storm. I’ve seen them on LV bags and wallets, clutches by smaller brand names and even on Mr M’s suit and shirts by his favourite tailors.

Why is there such a desire to have our names tattooed on our possessions?

I cannot think of reasons other than an innate desire to express our uniqueness (no two individuals are the same after all!) and the yearning to feel special. It is so important to remind ourselves of our individuality as media often bombards us with prescribed ways to act and live in order to fit in. Our lives would be such a waste don’t you think if we choose to be like carbon copies of each other instead of fulfilling the one of a kind story that was specially written for us?

The bag has seasoned a little with wear and I’m falling a little deeper for it with each use. Each new crease is unique and a sign of maturity and those qualities are what make the bag more and more beautiful…

What are your thoughts on monogrammed items?


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