My Armour

I love how soft and warm the material was, the way it draped over my body and most of all, I felt confident in it.
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Top Marques’Almeida (on sale!) Jeans MiH Boots Topshop Bolero Zara Ring [Add]Tension

I’m not a minimalist by any form or shape although a part of me has an immense desire to start making everything counts. It could be an age thing which leads to an increased awareness to take ownership of my purchasing habits or simply from exposure to similar viewpoints. Whatever the reason is, I’m trying to be as considered as I could possibly be with fashion.

Just a little disclaimer, I’m not about to purge all of my Zara or Topshop pieces because I had made incredible use out of many of them and could see myself purchasing more of their items. I’m not going to exclusively purchase from branded or ethical designers because of the obvious issues i.e. $$$. What I would do though is to use more of my head and less of my heart when making a purchase. If I failed in that, I trust that my gut would point me to the right decision. In other words, I am fully responsible for the things that I bring into the house, and the consequences that ensue, simple as that.

I remember feeling a little bit bored with the few knitted sweaters left in my wardrobe after diligently re-wearing and re-styling them day by day on our recent trip away. I think it was also the residual effect from hardly purchasing anything except for this jacket in NYC that made feel well-deserved of something nice (I knew I was kidding myself). Anyway, as usual, I checked out one of my favourite Aussie online shopping sites called My Chameleon to drool at all their beautifully curated pieces and the above sweater totally caught my attention. Its construction is unusual but completely wearable, and I’ve been toying with the idea of making more interesting items as my staples instead as the usual silhouettes. After a bit of research, I was completely sold by Marques’ Almeida edgy and nonchalant vibes so I made the leap and added the sweater into my shopping cart.

And there I was, wearing it for the second time within a week. I love how soft and warm the material was, the way it draped over my body and most of all, I felt confident in it. I view my clothes as a bit of an armour and seeing that I spent so much on it, it had better be an awesome one!

What is your current favourite purchase? How does it make you feel?


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