My Superhero Fashion Dream

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I’ve been wondering about life a little more than usual lately. It’s not one of those things that just comes to mind out of the blue. This question has most definitely been lingering at a hidden spot for a long while.

Now I have to clarify that I’m not really a thinker or a philosopher. In fact I’m more of a happy go lucky person who takes things as they come but I’m beginning to wonder whether there’s more to what I’m experiencing now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m tremendously blessed in so many ways and I’m extremely thankful for everything that I have. However I also wonder whether I will ever have the opportunity to realise my full potential as I know that I have a lot more in me that I want to give.

Speaking from the point of view of WLLWPOPUP and WLLWPROJECT, as much as I love sharing my fashion ideas with you and creating visually appealing images, by the end of the day I want to know that all my efforts are not merely a result of self-indulgence. I’m definitely not looking to change the world but one thing I would love to achieve is to reach out and positively influence people with fashion even in the tiniest way. It would be so cool to sneak into people’s lives and pour that little bit of goodness in unexpected places. I guess this is what I call a ‘superhero’ dream of mine.

On to the outfit… the delicious pleather and suede A-Line short skirt (also worn in my previous post) is so much fun to play with! I especially love the way the A-Line shape adds a feminine touch to tone down the boxy silhouette of the top. The colour block top from Hectorr has been a favourite of mine ever since purchasing it because it looks ultra modern and the quality is topnotch. The interior is also lined and is perfect for blocking out the winter chill. Ah, I cannot say more good things about those leather boots from Topshop! They are so gorgeous and comfortable and I love the way the boots creased up at certain areas from wear. They will certainly not leave my feet unnecessarily for the next few months! Seasoned leather looks 10x better in my opinion.

Do you have any secret superhero dream of your own?


Photography| Mr M

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