Never Too Cool for School

The weather’s warming up pretty quickly so I thought I should post these photos that were taken at least a couple of months ago before they’re effectively obsolete!


If you’ve followed me for awhile now, you would have probably realised that I love my opaque tights. However, there’s just something about the loose and slightly A-line silhouette that made me opt for knee highs instead. The end result? A youthful school girl look although my school girl years are way behind me now (regrettably).


TGIF. My week has been uber hectic but I’m expecting things to slow down towards the end of next week. How has your week been thus far?

On a completely unrelated note, I could sense that a new chapter of my life is about to unfold… It’s scary but exciting. I certainly hope you would come on this ride with me.

Talk soon.


Photography| Mr M

  1. Love this outfit – the combination of the loose stripe top and skirt with the knee high socks and boots is super cute!! ps. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love your style and your photo shoots are so editorial – gorgeous! 🙂

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