NYC with an OCD Planner #1 :: Planning + MOMA

I’ve decided against writing a guide that would include all the ‘musts’.
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Why hello America!
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There’s free wifi at Bryant Park, which is great for tourists like us! 


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St Patrick’s Cathedral
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Moma time. let’s go!
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Everyone’s obsessed over this masterpiece
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Concrete Jungle
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This place needs no introduction 

NYC has been high on the bucket list for a while now. It’s a city that lends itself well to crazy dreams and ambitions, wild ideas and of course freedom to just be.

Tbh, I’ve put off writing about NYC due to various reason. One being over exhaustion (outfit posts are always easier than travel posts) and secondly, I just didn’t know how not to state the obvious when most people have already had a taste of the big apple. Hence I’ve decided against writing a guide that would include all the ‘musts’ but instead aim to create posts with little nuggets of tips and tricks that may make your stay more enjoyable.

In this post I’m going to take you through some of the processes that we had gone through being OCD planners and FOMO advocates, and some tips to navigate MOMA pleasantly.

Are you ready?

Mr M and I stayed in NY for approximately 2 .5 weeks and half was spent staying in Manhattan and the other half in Brooklyn. To some of you that is an awfully generous amount of time to be focusing in one little chunk of the US pie but we wanted to do things at a comfortable pace and of course visit all the art museums and galleries that the city has to offer. Like Iceland (click to read about our travel journey), we opted to use the legendary airbnb because hotels at decent locations are just downright expensive (a weaker Aussie dollar certainly didn’t help). We were expecting loads of expenses on top of food and accommodation as most tourist attractions do incur a fee, and there were loads that we planned to visit.

Is there a way to save on these pesky extras you might ask? Yes and here’s what you could do: #1. Purchase a travel pass Before we left for our holiday, we wrote down a list of places that were important for us to see and compared that against the multitude of passes on offer to pick the best one that would suit our needs. We managed to enjoy a bit of savings by using the New York Explorer Pass  and it was definitely worth it for what we ended up doing.

#2. Look out for FREE admissions  Who doesn’t like a freebie? MOMA opens for free on Friday from 4pm-8pm so we took advantage of that. The line for free ticket collection starts outside (there would be signs around). Make sure you turn up nice and early to get a head start. The massive crowd could be quite confronting so be prepared for that as well. Please do yourself a favour and get your free audio guide as that could dramatically improve your enjoyment factor. Like really.

Since we’re on the MOMA topic, here are 3 things that are important to take note of: #Uno. MOMA is massive, like really massive and it is important to accept that you would likely not enjoy everything that it has to offer within a limited time frame.

#Dos. Be selective. If an exhibition doesn’t rock your socks, move on.

#Tres. The MOMA Design Store is an incredible space for exploration so you might want to factor in some time for that as well.

Do you have a little more time for another quick tip when exploring NYC? Walk but don’t overdo it. Know your limits and don’t be afraid to take the subway. Taking the subway won’t take your experience away from seeing the city.

Hope you found this post useful. It would be great if you could let me know what you like/dislike about this format.

Till the next NYC post!


    1. Hi there! I was there a number of months ago and I loved it!!! The art scene, the food, the architecture and the vibe are just amazing! Would love to go back one day 🙂 xx

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