It’s nice to be reminded that being real is actually desirable.
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Reading OKREAL was a great reality check for me. It’s nice to be able to immerse myself in articles that are actually raw, honest and meaningful.

I’ve been religiously following many many blogs for a long time and I found it increasingly difficult to engage with most things that came through on my Feedly page. I hate to admit this but devouring blogposts lacks in meaning for me nowadays. All I want is to be in the know and indulge in beautiful photos. Mentally, I’m bound by excitement, emotionally I’m not really growing as a person. I’m also getting weary of comparing and wondering what is it about WLLWPROJECT that isn’t quite good enough.

OKREAL is almost like that best girlfriend who comes along and puts you back on the right track. She asks you questions and makes you think. She makes you want to be you instead of the generic sure-win formula that people tried to market to you time after time. She tells you to stay strong and that it’s ok to fail. She tells you that she too suffers from a bunch of yucky emotions.

It’s nice to be reminded that being real is actually desirable

that authenticity is in actual fact beautiful. 



  1. Love love love this post 🙂 The pop of blue and of course your words. Authenticity is in fact beautiful 🙂 It is difficult to be real and authentic in this realistic world. But as long as we stay stern and hold onto our believes, how hard can it be eh? Cheers to more beautiful days ahead!

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.com

  2. Oh wow thanks for introducing me to this site, I’m about to browse around the articles now. I find it hard to be super authentic on blogs just because it’s now seen as a professional platform for many as well as readers want to know you are ‘real’ but also that you’ve somehow overcome those struggles and issues to avoid being too depressing. Then again I think there’s nothing wrong with using just the blog to talk about more ‘superficial’ things because friends and family- those you see face to face daily- are the ones you should really share your heart issues with too!


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