The photos above were taken in Oliena


Outside a church in Nuoro




Our sitting room at Su Gologone

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Our honeymoon was a precious time for us to retreat into our own world, get to know each better and embark on new adventures together. Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one that we had.

Mr M, being the amazing husband that he is had managed to organise the entire honeymoon without any input from me (ultra impressed!). All I knew were the countries that we were visiting and the departure and arrival dates. Everyday presented itself as a beautiful surprise and even the most ordinary things seemed extraordinary to us.

Baggage wise? Everything was packed in a rush and in the middle of moving so taking the perfect capsule wardrobe with me wasn’t a priority. I took whatever that was easy to slip on and Summer/Autumn appropriate. Flats were my good friends when travelling so I made sure to bring with me a good pair of leather sandals, my beloved Porselli ballet shoes (view here) and my Nike 3.0 (I’m hooked). Although I would love to be that ‘chic tourist’ every single minute, I tried not to worry too much about the clothes that I was going to wear. My intention really was to relax and enjoy my time with Mr M creating wonderful memories without fussing over physical appearances.

So our honeymoon looked like this in the span of 3.5 weeks :

Sydney> Kuala Lumpur> Sardinia> Cinque Terre> Modena> Tuscany> Milan> Pangkor> Sydney

The first stop at KL was for our second wedding dinner banquet. The day after we boarded our much anticipated flights to Sardinia, the 2nd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy.

Sardinia was all kinds of wonderful. It was a rather underdeveloped part of Italy and the landscapes breathed of ancient charm. Imagine rocky mountain passes and valleys and vast agricultural lands. We felt so privileged to stay at the Su Gologone Experience Hotel in Oliena for a few days and its surroundings are beyond stunning. I would highly recommend everyone to give the hotel a go for an experience of a lifetime and for some of the best Sardinian hospitality.

Mr M and I drove around (sometimes aimlessly) to feed our adventurous hearts and FOMO. We filled our senses with all Sardinia had to offer and we were wrapped by a sense of freedom that our normal daily lives couldn’t offer us . It was quite a nice feeling to detach from the modern world + pollution that came with it and appreciate the fresh air and the simpler things in life. I thoroughly savoured every moment there knowing that we might not return again. And that was why I went out of my comfort zone and agreed to take a few risks in our quest to be explorers.

On top of that, sparkling water wasn’t a premium drink (aka cheap) and quality wines flowed like a tap. Life just couldn’t get any better.

The Little Edith Dress by Family Affairs was so comfortable to wear and perfect for the climate. It’s easy to slip on and its loose silhouette is great for accommodating any sort of food bellies. If you find the length a little too short for your liking, simply wrap a shirt around your waist and the cool factor is instantly elevated. I paired it with some simple sandals with rubber soles and my trusty Rebecca Minkoff mini 5 zip bag to complete the look. A really simple and fuss free outfit.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse of Sardinia. More to come!


Photography| David + Me (the last picture :P)

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