On Customising Your Wedding Gown

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Sarah Seven has a way with bustiers don’t you agree?

I’m one who would actually choose to have a few hours less sleep so that I could spend a few more hours to research on bridal gowns. A big part of it is due to unfamiliarity. I felt the need to gather as much inspiration as possible in order to make a good and informed decision. I mean.. the last thing that I want is to start thinking about ‘what ifs’ after the wedding. The notion (plus pressure) of ‘once in a lifetime’ has also made me less willing to settle for less. By that I don’t really mean splurging a tonne of money on the most elaborate gown available. Rather, it’s about the satisfaction within me knowing that I’ve done my very best within my own abilities.

I mentioned at the end of this post that I’ve decided to collaborate with a designer/dressmaker to have my gown made instead of purchasing one off the rack. One of the biggest reasons is because I want to be whole-heartedly involved in the ‘fashion’ aspect of my big day. I want my gown to be a representation of who I am. Now many people are under the impression that customisation means big pennies but I would like to dispute that notion. Besides the cost of labour which is a non-negotiable, there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to fabric and the style of the gown. You have full control over these aspects hence the costs. Generally speaking, the finer and more intricate the fabric, the more expensive it is. Style wise, the more complicated the design is, the more   effort and time are required to complete the gown. The choice is ultimately yours, and you have plenty of opportunities to tweak things along the way.

Like all brides-to-be, I use Pinterest to collect ideas for my gown. I have to admit that there were many occasions when I got just a little carried away. Whilst  the pin board is a great tool to hold all the pretties, it would only be useful if I could narrow those ideas down to the absolute ‘essentials’ or ‘must-haves’. Or else the collage would amount to nothing but a big distraction in my life! Believe me, it’s a painful process and I’m still trying to figure it all out.

I’ve had my first meet-up with my designer and I’m glad that I could finally put a face to the person behind those emails. Although the meeting was brief, we were able to make a few decisions moving forward, which was what we needed to get the ball rolling. I can’t wait to see her sketches this Sunday!

If you’re in Sydney and would like to find out more about my designer, please feel free to drop me an email at wllwproject@gmail.com. I look forward to sharing this fun and exciting journey with you!


All images can be found at Sarah Seven’s website.

  1. I love Sarah Seven as well as Farah Watters. Reem Acra is gorgeous too if you have the big bucks to spend! Seriously Pinterest is for brides-to-be heaven. I’m on everyone’s pinterest board for decor and it’s all starting to look the same. Everyone ought to consolidate so we can share succulent favors, confetti systems and garland arches. Voila!


    1. I did try on a Reem Acra gown that day and decided that I couldn’t afford it! The beading was just intricate but I couldn’t bear to spend what may be the cost of my honeymoon on it… I definitely agree with repetitive images on pinterest! It can be quite a tedious effort to sift through them sometimes.

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