On Spendings

The only (and major) problem though is the price tags… They’re completely out of my league.
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The Aquazzura Belgravia and Christy flats have been getting a lot of airtime lately. By lately I really meant months and months. It was practically love at first sight for me when Chriselle Lim introduced Belgravia in her Youtube video. Thanks to my incredible designer knowledge, I mistook “Aquazurra” for “Altuzarra” and that was pretty embarrassing, internally at least.

I’m normally not that big on shoes with ankle ties as they are a little bit more troublesome to put on and take off but those flats are able to revoke my preference within seconds. They are super sleek and I could picture them working with A LOT of my clothes. As you could tell, I’m giving myself plenty of reasons to make a purchase. The only (and major) problem though is the price tags… They’re completely out of my league.I’m not sure whether I would be able to overcome the guilt that comes with splurging on something I step on my feet…

And there’s also this wardrobe goal of mine to purchase quality over quantity which seems to be in conflict with the amount of money I’m willing to part with each time. I know that things are going to work out cost per wear wise but that also leaves me without any shopping budget for a few months…

And then I discover some decent looking but ultra obvious knock offs at a quarter or a fifth of the price that I couldn’t bring myself to buy…

I’m not at a stage where I’m agonising over any pair of shoes or designer bags because I need them right now. I might joke about needing something occasionally but ultimately those material items are external to who I am as a person. What I would like to do is to work out a shopping protocol/practice that’s effective and appropriate for my circumstance so that I could “shop better” and “look better”. I think a big part of that starts with contentment and discipline, which I’m still lacking in.

So here are my questions..

#1. How do you organise your shopping budget to allow for that occasionally nice handbag or shoes without having to survive on bread rolls for months?

#2. What contingency plan do you have if you accidentally overspent?


Jot down your thoughts!