Plan B

What happens if we were not having a good day or things just didn’t go according to plan?
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Fashion or personal style blogging (if the word fashion ironically makes you cringe a little) is something that is heavily reliant on partnerships. For a category that is so visually oriented and fast moving, it only makes sense (in terms of efficiency and convenience) for someone to deal with the backend while the person in the limelight does what she/he needs to do. Not unless you’re Margaret Zhang, who seems to power through everything or someone whose main job is to blog and has all day and all night to create delicious content (what a dream!)… I fit into neither of these categories and that’s why I’m so heavily reliant on Mr M to keep WLLWPROJECT going.

Mr M and I only have 1, or at most 2 opportunities a week to shoot so I take those times relatively seriously. What happens if we were not having a good day or things just didn’t go according to plan? We’ve seen many examples of bloggers of youtubers stalling when relationships fall apart and that is frustrating in all levels. Due to such a high level of dependancy and a responsibility to produce content in a timely manner, the person in the front end would be copping the majority of the stress.

So what can we do to feel more empowered when you’re thrown into temporary chaos?

First things first, reconcile, reconcile, reconcile.

Now on to more technical things.

#1. Learn to edit If you already have a few sets of photos in your hands, knowing how to edit is a lifesaver. I was ultra reliant on Mr M to deal with everything photo-related but now I’m able to edit sufficiently for the blog so that makes me feel good!

#2. Cashing in on still lives Love creating collages or sharing inanimate objects that are special or fascinating? Photographing still life well is a very precious skill to have and could be done single-handedly without much problems.

#3. Learn to use a tripod (and flash) Using a tripod could do wonders. All you need to do is to run forwards and backwards to make sure that you haven’t stuffed up! Adding a flash could just take your tripod photography up another level! You could even legitimately boast about this. Admittedly I’m still awaiting a few lessons on this from Mr M.

I was inspired to share this because Mr M and I did have one little set back a couple of weeks ago during one of our shoots. We reconciled soon after (once again I cannot emphasise enough the importance of this) but I also wanted to feel equipped as someone who runs a blog and also treats it seriously.

If you’re also in a blogging partnership (and operating in an extremely lean manner like WLLWPROJECT), hope this post has drawn some attention to a very real potential problem and helped you think about the benefits of having plan B.

Last but not least, how could I not at least have a quick mention on the outfit above? I seem to be a little slack at “talking fashion” when this blog technically requires me to do so. I name this the “leave me alone and and let me wear t-shirt and sneakers” outfit. Fancy was the last word that came to mind last Sunday for many reasons.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I totally know what you mean especially when on holiday, everyone is on a different mode while I’m determined to get every detail photographed! I don’t have a hubby to help me shoot though so I rely on whatever friend is willing to help me.


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