Playing Barista at Home

Being married to a coffee snob definitely has its perks.
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I can completely relate to this post hence I’m inspired to share our own Aeropress version with you.

Being married to a coffee snob definitely has its perks. Like Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, I’m very fortunate to receive a cup of good coffee first thing most mornings. It has become a luxury that I find hard to live without!

Without further ado, this is what we Mr M does in the morning to wake us up!

Steps (in Mr M’s own words with minor modifications by yours truly): #1. Heat the water. We I try to bring it close to the boil but are am lazy about measuring exact temperature.

#2. Grind around 17g of Single Origin or The Source beans in a Hario Skerton hand grinder.

#3. Use the inversion method (with the Aeropress upside down)

#4. Add around 210g of water to the Aeropress.

#5. Add grind. This is often done as 2 steps (with less water and then top it up) but it’s morning and we’re I’m lazy.

#6. Leave for a minute to brew. Meanwhile, wet a paper filter to remove any papery taste.

#7. Attach paper filter to the top, flip the Aeropress over a mug and plunge slowly.

#8. Enjoy without with milk.

Although the coffees haven’t been made with a 100% precision (what does this look like anyway?) they tasted awesome most of the time (hey just being honest here!) These steps may seem a little fussy at the beginning but once you get the hang of things, coffee making becomes quite easy.

Hmm, why do I have a feeling that the odd numbers used are a result of Mr M’s actuarial mind?


Disclaimer: The above steps are what we do at home, and by no means should be compared to a professional barista’s SOP.

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