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The t-shirt says it all, Rawrrrr!

I’m really not all that comfortable these days as mini M is still sitting quite high in my belly. He also seems to have some supernatural kicking and stretching power that’s so cute but torturous at the same time! Getting out of bed has been incredibly awkward. Bless Mr M who has to watch me moan and hoist myself up like a chubby puppy (but not quite as cute). I also used to wonder how ladies could balance things on their bellies and surely I won’t be one of them but guess what? I just very comfortably rested my favourite ceramic mug on top of my big bump. Never say never?

Putting all discomfort aside, I’m absolutely trying to savour what every single day brings. It’s a truly special time for not only me but Mr M as well and we just want to enjoy and remember this extraordinary journey. I’m in my last days of this pregnancy and it’s very much a waiting game now. Mr M and I are heading out for an ice-cream date tonight (which was 4 nights ago when you’re reading this) and I’m sure mini M would approve of it. I love it when mini M kicks with delight after tasting something yummy ha!

This preggosaurus needs a bit of a rest now. Till next time!


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